About me - Who is Jade?

A little woman filled of thoughts and ideas, creating ways to make data human.
About Jade

Had grown up in Guangzhou, China, I came to the States for school at the age of 15 on my own. I soon realized the distinct detachment between my mind and my words due to the language barrier. I found art to be my sacred place, where I could express my mind through lines, shape, colors, and type. Despite landing in the business school in college, I have never stopped pursuing my creative side in all the extra-curriculum activities and part-time jobs.

Now a senior majoring in Management Info Systems in Villanova University, I am passionate about combining data analytics with visual communication to make data human. I observe my environment, delve into the “why” in things, and the most importantly, I act according to my conscience.

During my free time, I like to watch movies, journal and stare at the skies (yes, I do that a lot.) My secret talent is that I am really good at imitating cat noises. I enjoy long dialogues on design, diversity & inclusion, mental health, why the Chinese eat chicken feet and wings with bones. If anything you read so far sparks your interest, let's chat!

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