Giving a voice to minority students in the Business School 

Get Woke Nova - Graphic Designs Chair - Oct 2018

Facing the "elephant in the room" - Business School Intervenetion

My task was to create a cohesive design for all the items required in “Bartley Takeover,” a day of diversity intervention in the Villanova School of Business (VSB).

I am a student in the business school, where has been known for its lack of action regarding diversity and inclusion. Once I had a professor singling me out to ask me to explain Zen Buddhism during my first semester of Freshmen year, simply because I was the only Asian student in the classroom.

When I first heard about collaborating with our school for this project, I was especially excited to finally have the chance to address the “elephant in the room” in a place I hold my heart very close to. 

— Postcard front

— Postcard back

Giving the voice back to the students

Since GWN focuses on the injustices and microaggressions students face on campus, I designed around the idea of giving student the voice back. I chose to use pictures from students who have told their stories on our platform as the main element in the postcard. 

I also created an interactive activation on a chalkboard that allowed students to simply put “X” or “O” to voice their opinions on whether or not the school is inclusive. By the end of the day, the entire chalkboard was covered with “Xs”. It was very impactful to see so many students voicing their opinion just through simple symbols.

— Column art

— Student poster

Final Thoughts

Although the school eventually did not let us present all of the materials on that day because it was too "robust", such as the posters and PowerPoints of student stories, we still received an overwhelming amount of attention and participation from both faculty and students.

We later met with the VSB Dean for diversity & Inclusion to discuss how we should further the impact in a long run. They started considering more of the students voices in their yearly planning instead of only focusing on faculty.

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