Idefu: Rebranding - "Let's Create Mistakes!"

A small consultancy based in Denmark aims to provide hands-on learning on creativity, natural science and engineering.
About Idefu
Idefu’s current business ranges from creating bubble exhibitions for museums and universities, to holding creative workshops in international corporate like Novo Nordisk. Idefu is based on Copenhagen, Denmark and serves Danish and International clients.
Identified Challenges

1. Lack of business focus: While the wide range of business showcases the diversities in company's competence, Idefu lacks a focus that is memorable and differentiated.


2. Unmemorable name: Idefu is both hard to pronounce and remember for Danish speakers and English speakers 


3. Unclear brand identity: There are common threads among Idefu's projects, but they are not being properly highlighted through the website or social media.

Design Goals
1.  Leaner Company Structure
2. New Name and Logotype
3. Consistent Digital Presence
Research & Restructure

After analyzing and researching the company, we came up with 8 different future directions for Idefu. I decided to go with focusing on the workshop business. Since the founder suggested he might gradually step away from the museum business in the future due to the intensive competition, Idefu has great potential in expanding his workshop business that gears more towards adults. 

Focusing on the workshop business will allow Idefu to incorporate more varieties into its workshops, like the current bubble specialties. The workshops should emphasize on playfulness and creativity.


The new name “oops!” embodies the acceptance towards mistakes and imperfection in a playful and direct tone. As an interjection, “oops!” occurs as an utterance on its own and expresses a spontaneous feeling to the readers. 

The new name can help Idefu emphasize its new focus on the creative workshops business. “oops!” is also linguistically universal for different language speakers since Idefu faces both English and Danish-speaking clients. In addition, the name can capture readers’ attention quickly and is easy to memorize.

Logotype Journey
Brand Color Palette

Bold and warm colors are used to highlight the playful nature of the original company. Red is often associated with mistakes or avoidance. The design intends to reclaim the red as well as the space to make mistakes. As for the typeface, Biko compliments the playfulness, while Times News Roman still remains professional and ensures readability.


The website takes on a long-scrolling format for streamlined information and easy navigation. Compared to the traditional tab design on the current website, the new site focuses on one simple goal - introducing different types of workshops and offer bookings. 

Social Media

The new Instagram page uses consistent brand colors and uniform yet dynamic content. The posts prioritize workshop pictures, testimonials and other sharable content such as gifs or inspirational quotes.