Leading an movement with 500 global citizens

Villanova International Students Organization - President - 2017-2018

I served as the president in VISO from Sept 2017 to Dec 2018 and we, as a student group, had the opportunity to create some substantial changes on campus. 

As an international student starting from a young age, I understand how hard it is to be living by yourself on a foreign land. My passion for international students is what strives me today to challenge my limit from event-planning, graphic designing, problem-solving, to performing any other responsibility necessary for my role. 

In 2018, I revamped the entire international orientation program and directed an short film on international students in Villanova.

Leading VISO through major changes in 2018


After my experience staffing in the regular orientation, I realized the international orientation was very unorganized and lack of support from the rest of school compared to regular orientation. I have also heard complaints from my peers about the chaotic process due to limited staffs and volunteers.  


I redesigned the whole process by adding more staffs and planning a more detailed schedule. We partnered with the regular orientation staffs and recruited 20 International Orientation Leaders (IOLs) school-wide for the first time. 

We did not have any funding from the school or our office, and therefore we self-designed t-shirts, ice-breakers, discussion points and other activities all from scratch. 
Because of the revamping, the school supplied us with more funding and we received an overwhelmingly number of recognitions from both new students and school.

— Orientation Group Pink

— Ice-breakers

— Orientation Group Green

— Staffs 

Directed and Edited an interview highlighting international students

I also directed and edited an interview focusing on international students in Villanova campus. Through the video, I want to present our community in the most genuine way. The video isn’t about glorifying Villanova or the U.S.; instead, it is a way to let people look at our school through the lenses of international students. It also bridges us and our cultures to a broader audience. 

It was first premiered at our first international cultural showcase – UNITY - and our audience was about 150+ students.

Starting a conversation is just as easy as saying a “hello”

Along with the video, I also designed laptop stickers and t-shirts that encourage conversation between international students and local students. I used the word “Hello” in 12 languages as the main focus on the design.

Because many international students face language barrier when they first study abroad in the States, it is a common reason that prevents them to interact with local students. I want to show that although there might be thousands of different languages, starting a conversation is just as easy as saying a “Hello.”

— Chinese

— English

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