What’s on your canvas today?

A GUI programmed and designed with the purpose of offering randomized drawing prompts in color and text.
Limitation = Inspiration?
Creativity requires inspirations. A lot of designers and painters are faced with a common issue when they can’t think what to draw – they end up not drawing. Since the beginning of anything is often the hardest, a simple solution will be offering the artists an inspiration to start creating: a color or a line of text. Therefore, the application serves the exact purpose of the solution. 
Documentation (End-user training) 
1. If the users know exactly what they want to put on their canvas today they can search with their keywords (ex. cat.)





(Hex Code)

2. If the users have no idea of what they want, they can select “Try my luck” button to get randomized color and text.



Text Prompt

3. When the users want to clear out the keywords and search result, they can press “Clear” to start over. to get randomized color and text.

Clear Search

Technical Overview
Attributions / Modules
Application “What’s on your canvas today?” was written in Python. The application owes attributions to the following sources: tkinter, requests, nltk, os, sys, random. 

API Access 
1. Unsplash

(retrieved from https://unsplash.com/oauth/with a Unsplash account)


(retrieved from https://poemist.github.io/poemist-apidoc/)